I’ve been working on this series since 2009. It’s huge. It is planned for around 20 novels (at least). In fact, it’s so large, I’m dedicating an entire website to it by itself. If you want to read up about everything related to that series head over there.

There are two main “stories” in this universe right now. The Exodus Arc, which is the current Arc that I’m writing. And then there’s The Fracture ArcThese two arcs overlap in the timeline, but take place in different places. The Fracture Arc is more fast-paced action, story whereas The Exodus Arc is more thought provoking and philosophical.

Aside from those main arcs, I’m also working on a few books that don’t fit neatly into either arc. One of them is an anthology of short stories and flash fiction that are set within the Starsong Universe. Another one I’m working on is an interactive fiction piece where you decide what happens.