So you like a little mystery in your stories? Me too!  I’ve been planning out my crime fiction series, which I’m now collectively calling The Uranium Lily Casefiles. Uranium Lily is a code-word for something that will be revealed later in the series. Originally, the book called The Fall was going to be a stand-alone book by itself. But, as is usually the case, I had another thought (The Ambassador), and another thought (The Prey), and then at least a half-dozen other thoughts after that.

As it turns out, The Fall will be the beginning to a series of books featuring these characters. These books are largely episodic. You can more or less read them in whatever order you want and it shouldn’t affect things too much. There is a chronological order to them, but the are all written as self-contained stories.

I’m also toying around with the idea of creating a Victorian-Period Crime Fiction book (or maybe a series). I have a loose idea rolling around in my head. If this sounds like something that you might want to read, let me know.