This is a story line set within the Starsong Universe. It is actually the first story within that universe. It all started with a dream that I had (which is a rare thing in and of itself). That dream turned into the first 20,000 words of Unity, which is the book I started writing first. But, as I got writing I had lots of questions; “why did this happen?” I’d think of an answer and think, “okay, well why did that happen?” Before I knew it, I had 2,000 years of backstory. I put Unity on pause and decided that I should go back and tell the story from the beginning – Exodus.

This arc is a little different than some of the other story arcs you might be familiar with. This arc doesn’t focus on only one character, or even one set of characters. Rather, this story arc is following and entire family. (And if you aren’t reading the prologues, you’re missing out on some extra details.) Each book in this story arc focuses on a different member of the Starsong Family at a different point in the story. Exodus leads directly into the events of Planetside, but after that the books get more spread out. You’ll see the entire culture change and morph over time.