This is the list of fiction books that I have written under the name “JJ Clayborn”, to differentiate from my non-fiction works. They are predominately science fiction and crime fiction genres.

Here are some highlights of books that are out now or coming soon.

Exodus – the first book in The Starsong Chronicles series. It follows Damarien Tierney as he flees Earth to find refuge on a strange, alien world. He must figure out how to survive, because it’s a one-way trip; there’s no going back.

Skin Deep – A creepy, horror/mystery book. My first attempt at that genre. It’s been getting good reviews and has been described as “good, creepy fun”.

Question of the Day – A sci-fi short story anthology I had the pleasure of helping with. It features 21 authors who have donated their stories to raise money in memory of our friend, Andre Polk, who passed away due to complications of Sickle Cell. All of the money is being donated to his family.

The Fall – Detective Riley Schiller is a disgruntled, cynical cop who’s spent too much time on the force. Detective Katelynn Martinez is ambitious and new to homicide. They’ve recently been paired together and now, their first major case together is a stumper. A young girl, dead in an office building where she shouldn’t be. And no one knows who she is. The more that the detectives dig at this case, the more bewildering it becomes.