Damarien Tierney

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Damarien Tierney
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Born: Mar 12, 2343,

Dublin, Ireland, Earth, Sol

Married: Jan 10, 4 SHA,

Midbay, Hope March, Avaenon, Coronis

Death: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Spouse: Hayley Anderson
Children: Alastair Tierney

Elise Tierney
Vaerden Tierney
Thomas Tierney

Damarien Tierney is the primary protagonist in the book Exodus. He is the progenitor of what will eventually become the Starsong Family and is the patriarch of the Tierney Family. He is also featured as a secondary character in the book Planetside.

Personal Life

Born in Dublin much of Tierney's young life is a mystery. Damarien himself does not recall much about it. In 2351, when Damarien is 8 years old, he is abandoned by his parents. They leave him on Earth while they travelled to Alpha Centauri to live on Daenas without him. Damarien himself does not reveal much about his past. He is certainly old enough to remember the details about his abandonment, but they are too painful to bring up and he may have psychologically repressed them. It is not known whether Damarien has any siblings, although it is implied that he is an only child.

In 2355, when he is 12 years old, Damarien meets Dermot MacMurrough after watching a Freefall game. Dermot takes a liking to him and formally adopts him later that same year. For the next decade Dermot taught Damarien everything he knew about Freefall. When Dermot's team made it to the championships in 2365 Damarien announced that he would try out for the team next season. Dermot agreed to train him especially hard in the off season. However, after Dermot's team won the Terran Championship Dermot was gunned down in front of Damarien.

In 2366 Damarien joined his father's old team, the Celtic Kerns. Over the next 7 years he developed into a legendary Freefall player in his own right, rivaling the skill and legacy of his adoptive father. He was at the peak of his game in 2371 when he led his team to win the Terran Championship over the Russian Roulettes. Damariend had mercenaries attempt to kill him after his victory cost the owner of the Russian Roulettes, Viktor Topalev, an extraordinary sum of money in the gambling circuits.


Damarien successfully evaded the hit men and kidnappers that Viktor Topalev sent after him for the next several months until he was able to board the Exodus Ark Ship EAS-Destiny and make his way to the Hyades Cluster. After arriving in Hyades he had several political disagreements with the military commander tasked with protecting the planet. These disagreements ultimately lead to his decision to strike out on his own. Much to his surprise, he was not alone. Eight-thousand people followed him out of CenterPoint City, most looking to him as a leader. Among the exiles was Hayley Anderson, his future wife.

Damarien established a small farm settlement and lived peacefully for many years. He married Hayley in the fourth year after landfall and they had four children together. Sometime later, Pitir Tolachev tracked him down and intended to kill him. Damarien was able to make peace with Pitir. Dacso Kadar also caught up with Damarien, after killing Pitir and torturing him for Damarien's whereabouts. Dacso caught Elise Tierney unaware in a field, and brutally killed her hoping to provoke Damarien to fight. Damarien realized that there is only one way to save his family, and headed into the wilderness to chase down Dasco. They played a cat and mouse game for several days until finally, Damarien was able to lure Dacso into a trap. Dacso severely wounded Damarien in the fight. Damarien managed to limp back to the farmstead before Dacso caught up with him again. Damarien was ultimately saved by his wife, Hayley, who used an energy rifle to shoot Dacso from a grain silo.

Damarien was permanently injured from his fight was Dacso and now requires a cane to walk.

Marriage and Children

Damarien met Hayley Anderson during the exile from CenterPoint City. They became close friends and courted for a while. Following their arrival in what would later be known as Midbay, Damarien and Haley were married. The year was 4 SHA.

Their first child was born in 5 SHA, a boy that they named Alastair Tierney.

Their second child, a girl, was born in 12 SHA. She was named Elise Tierney.

Their child, born in 14 SHA, was a boy named Vaerden Tierney.

Their fourth and final child was born in 16 SHA. He was named Thomaas Tierney

Friends & Enemies

Damarien had several friends and family members from Earth. Among them were Dermot MacMurrough, his adoptive father. He knew Commander Lynne Halliday of the Helion Unit, Special Police through Dermot. He also had a distant adoptive-cousin, Liam MacMurrough who lived in Capetown, South Africa. Of course, he was friends with his entire Freefall Team, the Celtic Kerns.

After arriving on Avaenon he made several new friends. The first of those was Earnest Rhode, a surly cook who went by the nickname "Pork Chop". He met Harold Halstaad, Corporal Edward Mar, and Sergeant Sai Osaki through work detail. Through later political events he met and befriended Captain Nathalie Jonsson and Hayley Anderson.

His chief enemy on Earth was Viktor Topalev, the notorious crime boss. Viktor sent several of his henchmen after Damarien, including Pitir Tolachev and Pitir's cousin, Vladimir Pushkyin. He also sent an assassin named Dacso Kadar to hunt him down.

Once on Avaenon he developed an adversarial disagreement with Supreme Field Marshall Helen L. Everett, which resulted in his exile from CenterPoint City.


Damarien's Freefall career began in 2366 when he joined the Celtic Kerns team. He played admirably as a junior player and increased in prowess and esteem over the next few years. By 2369 Damarien was a well-known, well celebrated player, despite only having been on the team for 3 years. By 2370 he was made Vice Captain of the team. In 2371 Damarien was voted as the Team Captain and lead the team to the Terran Championships where they ultimately won the Championship. His Freefall career was ended in 2371 when he was forced to flee for his life.

Damarien never had another professional career. The remainder of his life was spent working as a farmer and a trader, simply trying to survive. He traded mostly with the inhabitants of Lakeside, to the north. His trade items included: herbs, berries, baskets, pet birds, primitive tools, tea. He also raised livestock, including White Headed Horned Cows and Hunchbacked Spire Prongs. He also grew a variety of crops for personal use and barter. In this regard, he was at least moderately successful. His family prospered and didn't go hungry.

Notable Events

Damarien saw many notable events over the years. He led his Freefall team to win the Terran Championships. Then he participated in the Exodus Event - the trip to the Hyades Cluster. He assisted in building the Orbital Gate in space near Avaenon. He became outspoken politically and was exiled from the main city, and then he led a band of 8,000 exiles to settle new towns.