Alastair Tierney

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Alastair Anderson Tierney
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Born: Sep 7, 5 SHA,

Midbay, Hopemarch, Avaenon, Coronis

Married: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Father: Damarien Tierney
Mother: Hayley Anderson
Spouse: Unknown
Children: Unknown

Alastair Anderson Tierney is the son of Damarien Tierney and Hayley Anderson. He is featured in the book Exodus and is a primary character of the book Planetside.

Personal Life

Alastair was the eldest child of Damarien Tierney and Hayley Anderson. His name, Alastair, comes from Damarien's adoptive father, Dermot MacMurrough. Dermot's full name was Dermot Riley Alastair MacMurrough. In public he used the middle name Riley, but his family knew of the middle name Alastair as well. Alastair's middle name, Anderson, comes from his mother's surname. He was born shortly after humans arrived on Avaenon and grew up helping his father establish a farmstead in the rich, fertile soil. Being his father's eldest son he spent much of his young life helping his father around the farm and learning how to survive.

When he was 12 years old he was helping his father in the barn when his younger sister Elise was brutally murdered on the outskirts of their farm. Her death hit Alastair particularly hard and he blamed himself, despite the fact that there was nothing he could have done and no fault of his. He carried the guilt and emotion of his sister's passing for the rest of his life.