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Exodus 01.png
Author: JJ Clayborn
Language: English
Series: Exodus Arc
Release_Number: 1
Publisher: Clayborn Press
Pub_Date: Mar 2017
Media_Type: Glassbook, Paperback
Pages: 378
Awards: None
ISBN: 978-1520611747
Preceded by: None
Followed by: Planetside

Exodus is the first book in the Starsong Chronicles Series' Exodus Arc. The book begins in the year 2371 and follows the story of Damarien Tierney. Damarien tries to avenge the murder of his adoptive father and ends up being hunted by a powerful crime boss. In order to escape he is forced to stow away aboard the Exodus Project on a one-way trip to a far-distant world. Once there, he has to use all of his wits to survive in an alien environment against dangers that he never imagined.

Work on Exodus began in 2008. The process of writing the book was delayed for many years while the author built up the entire Starsong Universe from scratch. Once he felt that there was sufficient material to work with, he resumed writing.

Although Exodus is the first book in the series, it was not the first book that was started. In 2006 the author began drafting a first copy of Unity (although he didn't know the title or it's place in the series at the time). After getting 30,000 words into the draft, he decided to pause that book and go back and tell the story from the beginning. Thus, Exodus was the first book in the series that was completed and published.

The author describes Exodus as the "stone that starts the ripples". The events in this book affect everything else that comes later. Every book that exists chronologically after Exodus (both the Exodus Arc and the Fracture Arc) have plot elements that are a result of the actions and decisions made by the characters in this book.