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B-26K-1 Invader
Builders: Douglas Aircraft Company

On Mark Engineering

Operators: United States Air Force
Number Built: 40
First Built: Jan 1963 (YB-26K)

First test flight

Type: Light Attack Bomber
Weight: 25,130 lbs empty

37,000 lbs loaded
39,250 lbs Maximum

Length: 51' 7 3/16" (inc. guns)
Height: 19' 0"
Wingspan: 71'6" (including wingtip tanks)
Wing Area: 540 Sq. Feet (50.17 m²)
Speed: 169 mph (cruising)
Max Speed: 323 mph
Ceiling: 28,600'
Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-2800-103W
Horsepower: 2,500
Fuel Capacity: 1,600 US Gallons
Range: 700 miles w/3518 lbs payload

1,480 miles empty
2,700 miles (ferry)

Crew: 2
Passengers: 1
Nose Guns: 8x .50 caliber guns
Dorsal Turret: None
Ventral Turret: None
Payload: 8,000 lbs on wings

4,000 lbs internal

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Converted from 44-35458 or 41-39462. (The other plane is 64-17663).

Operational History

11 Dec 1964 - Accepted into USAF Inventory from OnMark Engineering Company at Van Nuys, CA. [1]
12 Dec 1964 - Assigned to 1st Air Commando Wing at Hurlburt Field. [1]
27 Dec 1964 - Status changed to "Lease/Loan" while assigned to 1st Air Commando Wing at Hurlburt Field. [1]
28 Dec 1964 - Assigned to Logistics Command at Hill AFB [2]
Note: This Lease/Loan status change is undoubtedly the transfer to the CIA for service with 211th Squadron.

5 Jan 1965 - On paper the plane is reassigned back to 1st Air Commando Wing at Hurlburt Field [2]. In actuality it arrived in Congo to participate in CIA operation Anstalt Wigmo. Had tail code "FR-662" and "FM-662". [3]

31 May 1966 - Transferred on paper from 1st Air Commando Wing at Hurlburt Field to COAAR at Hill AFB. The plane is still listed as being "lend/lease" and is still in the Congo as part of operation Anstalt Wingmo. [4]
27 Jul 1966 - Designation changed from B-26K to A-26K while in the Congo. [4]

28 Feb 1967 - Assigned to Sacramento Air Material Area (SMAAR) at McLellan AFB. [5]
15 Jun 1967 - Left SMAAR. [5]
16 Jun 1967 - Left US. Assigned to 634th Combat Support Group at Nakhon Phanom Air Base. [5]
2 Jul 1967 - Arrived a Nakhon Phanom. Assigned to 56th Air Commando Wing. [5]
22 Aug 1967 - Lost in action. [5] Disappeared over Northern Laos. Search found no trace. 2 MIA.



At least 1 belly landing during service in the Congo with 211th Squadron.



Cpt. Rene Travieso (Pilot)
Luis Roque (Co-Pilot)


LtCol Howard L. Farmer (Pilot)

Cpt John Creighton Gillespie Kerr (Pilot) - MIA
1Lt Burke Henderson Morgan (Navigator) - MIA


Lost 21 Aug 1967.


64-17662 at the end of operations in the Congo.
64-17662. At the end of Congo operations.jpg

662 at Nakhon Phanom Air Base in Vietnam.
64-17662. With Lt. Col. FarmerWM.jpg


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