Starsong, Caelen

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Caelen Starsong
Placeholder male.png
Born: _ ,

Dryfeden, Hopemarch, Avaennon, Coronis

Married: -,

Midbay, Hope March, Avaenon, Coronis

Death: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Spouse: Unknown
Children: Athys Starsong

Asmara Starsong
Kidane Starsong

Caelen Starsong is the primary narrator of every book in the Exodus Arc series. He is featured in the Prologue of every book, starting with Exodus. His prologue serves as a common thread tying all of these stories together.

Personal Life

Not much is revealed about Caelen Starsong. From what he has revealed already is is known that he when he was younger he used to be an officer in the military. He is a distant descendant of Damarien Tierney.