Elise Tierney

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Elise Tierney
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Born: Sep 30, 12 SHA

Midbay, Hopemarch, Avaenon, Coronis

Married: N/A
Death: Nov 5, 17 SHA

Midbay, Hopemarch, Avaenon, Coronis

Father: Damarien Tierney
Mother: Hayley Anderson
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A

Elise Sandra Tierney was the daughter of Damarien Tierney and Hayley Anderson. She was killed by Dacso Kadar in an attempt to draw Damarien into a fight.

Personal Life

Elise was the second child of Damarien and Hayley. Her older brother Alastair Tierney was 7 when she was born. Being a girl on a farm, much of her life was devoted to play and care for the small animals, whom she loved dearly. She would often help her mother feed the animals and care for them. Her father taught her, and all of his children, about surviving the hardships of life in the wilderness. Her favorite activities included playing around the farm, dancing in the fields, and playing hide and seek with her brothers. She also enjoyed coloring in her mother's books.


On November 5th, 17 SHA she was playing in the field on the edge of the Tierney farmstead. Dacso Kadar came down out of the nearby wooded hills. Being unaware of the danger she asked him to play with her, and he agreed to play hide and seek. She hid, and when he found her, he cut her arm with a large knife. She screamed. He told her that he was going to play a new game. He was going to give her a head start. If she could escape from him, she would live. If not, he would kill her. She pleaded for her life, crying. But Dacso remained unmoved and simply started counting. She ran off, shrieking.

Her shrieking attracted the attention of her father and brother who set out to find out what happened. Dacso caught up with her just as Damarien and Alastair came into view. Dacso pulled her hair up from behind, lifting her off the ground and, after taunting Damarien, slit her throat. Dacso fled into the woods in an effort to get Damarien to chase him.

The Tierneys rushed to Elise's side, but nothing could be done to save her. She saw her father and her brother's faces over her. Her father held her in his arms and her brother held her hand as the life slowly drained from her body. Her father carried her lifeless body back to the farm and went to hunt down Dacso. Her brother and her mother set about burying her body on the family farm.


The aftermath of Elise's death irrevocably changed the family dynamics. Everyone became more acutely aware of the fact that life was not guaranteed. While Haley and Damarien mourned the loss of their daughter, who infected the farm with her cheerful disposition, it was her brother who took her death the hardest. Although only 12 at the time of Elise's death, Alastair blamed himself for not being able to stop Dacso.