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A Note on Time: There are several ways to denote the passage of time in the Starsong Universe. For the most part, the original human worlds use the Terran (Earth) Standard calendar, which is abbreviated as TSC.

The colony worlds in the Hyades will often use a common calendar, abbreviated as SHA, which means "Secundum Hyades Adventum" (latin for "After Hyades Arrival"). This calendar is based on a 365 day year, like Earth, although it has different months. It is the standard when referencing events on an interstellar scale. However, each planet also has it's own calendar that it uses that is local and specific to that world.

Timeline of Events

Earth Years (CE/TSC)

Hyadian Calendar (SHA - Secundum Hyades Adventum - "according to Hyades arrival")

  • 0 Exodus Fleet Arrives in Hyades. Coincides with 2671 TSC.
  • Colonization efforts begin across the Hyades Cluster.
  • Orbital ring is constructed
  • Colonists on Avaenon are attacked by Rara Wolves
  • Supplies from Earth are overdue. Rationing begins
  • 1 Rioting in Centerpoint City, Coronis.
  • 2 Colonists in Centerpoint are attacked by Rara Wolves
  • Rioting in Centerpoint continues
  • Martial Law is instituted on Avaenon
  • The Great Exile occurs
  • Harold Halstaad is killed
  • Towns of Halstaad's Folly, Lakeside, Westbay, Eastbay, and Midbay are formed
  • 4 Damarien Tierney and Hayley Anderson are married
  • 5 Alastair Tierney is born
  • 12 Elise Tierney is born
  • 14 Vaerden Tierney is born
  • 16 Thomaas Tierney is born
  • 17 Pitir Tolachev is murdered by Dacso Kadar
  • Elise Tierney is murdered by Dacso Kadar
  • Dacso Kadar is killed by Hayley Anderson