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The Exodus Arc

The book series opens with the Exodus Arc as the intended starting place for new readers. The first book, Exodus, begins the tale. The Exodus Arc series of books contains a series of prologues that tie the stories together. The descendants of the main character in the Exodus book are recounting their family history across the ages. Each book's prologue picks up where the previous one left off. The last book, Unity, will also feature an epilogue that will bring that mini-story to a close.

  • Exodus - The story of the Starsong family's departure from Earth and their arduous journey to Hyades.
  • Planetside - What happens to the family within the first generation of arriving on the planet.
  • Starsong - The story of Aengwen Starsong and the Tribal Wars.
  • Republic - The story of how Thaenys Starsong helped found the Hyadian Commonwealth.
  • Chaos Theory - The story of Aedwyn Starsong's rise to the admiralty.
  • Uprising - the story of Raen Starsong and the Farmer's Revolt.
  • Unity - The Hyadian civil war and it's conclusion with Aethyn Starsong.

Related books:

  • Hiragawa - The story of the colonists who make landfall on Hiragawa.
  • Unkabeme - The story of the colonists who make landfall on Unkabeme.

The Fracture Arc:

There is one very important question that is not answered during the Exodus Arc. This question is deliberately not answered by the author because of how, and by whom, the Exodus Arc stories are narrated. But the author knows the answer to the answer to the question. To answer that question for the readers a new story arc was created featuring different characters and different stories.

  • Icarus- The story of what happens on Earth during the three ceturies that the Hyadians are en route to their new home.
  • Fracture -The aftermath of the Icarus Event
  • Prime- The events on Mars immediately after Fracture
  • Rallycry - Book Four
  • Bairn - Book Five
  • The Path - Book Six
  • Inertia - Book Seven
  • Inferno - Book Eight
  • Spectre - Book Nine
  • Nova - Book Ten

Miscellaneous Books

  • The merchant - a stand-alone Interactive Fiction book set to release in 2018.
  • Starsong Anthology - an untitled anthology of short stories and flash fiction set in the Starsong Universe.