New Author

New Author

TS Hottle joins Clayborn Press

Science Fiction author TS Hottle has joined Clayborn Press. He is bringing all of the stories from his Compact Universe – a fictional setting which features multiple novels and novellas. The first book, Children of Amargosa, will be out this summer. The rest of his books will follow in succession.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Thomas Shuler joins Clayborn Press

Author Thomas Shuler has joined Clayborn Press. Thomas writes Science Fiction and Fantasy books. His first book, The Demon Eye Gem, is the first in a series of fantasy books that follow a group of adventuring goblins and is available for pre-order.

Thomas is already hard on work on book 2 of this series. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Max Ledbetter joins Clayborn Press

Max Ledbetter has signed with Clayborn Press to publish his literary fiction, Unfinished Surveillance. The book follows a post-graduate researcher that has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He goes through a range of paranoid thoughts, and then searches for clues in the environment to prove that he’s right. From predicting a killer venereal disease (AIDS) to predicting an earthquake, this book runs a full gamut of interesting predictions and dizzying analysis.

Max Ledbetter holds a PhD in Zoology and has published academic research in ecology.

His book is expected to release later this summer.

Celine Mariotti joins Clayborn Press

Clayborn Press is pleased to announce the addition of Celine Mariotti to our publishing family.

Celine has been contracted for two youth-fiction books aimed at a grade school audience. Both books are slated to release during 2017.

The first book, I’m too young to be president! is a whimsical story about a teenager who enters the election as a joke. Due to a clerical error, he’s allowed to run in the election, and he actually wins. The book is a good way to introduce younger children to the political concepts of democratic elections and the US Presidential Election in particular.

The second book, Alexander, My Angel is the story of a young boy who struggles with the loss of a parent. He begins to contemplate suicide so that he can be with the parent again. He sees a young boy – a ghost of a civil war soldier – who teaches him how to cope with the grief and the loss. It’s a compelling and useful tale for children who may be suffering from the loss of a parent or who are dealing with suicidal thoughts.