“I had the pleasure of working with Johnathan at Safety Services Company in both marketing and product development. Johnathan is a heavy hitter, a weapon. He has stretched the bounds of his master’s in psychology beyond limitation. Not only has he mastered learning and development, but he’s also a master learner himself. This means on any project he tackles, he produces fabulous results—even if he doesn’t have clear direction to start. As the Digital Training Manager, he single-handedly launched a successful shift from a dinosaur of a learning management system (LMS) to a sleek, modern platform. This increased renewals significantly and hooked some big fish. Getting there wasn’t easy. He had to garner support from top executives who, without his pitch, would have otherwise thought the project a costly, risk-laden road. He used his data-driven, analytic mind to gather buy-in. He crunched the numbers. Produced the reports. Worked his Excel wizardry and proved that his project would reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. It did both. It was so successful, and his skills were so thoroughly proven, that he was promoted to Marketing Operations Manager. He happily tackled this new role while maintaining the duties he’d set for himself in launching a new LMS. It was truly a job no one else could do.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Johnathan. It’s rare to find someone whose academic nature so well complements practical application. I’ll miss our conversations about everything from aviation and literature to programming and graphic design, all things he’s demonstrated proficiency in as a jack of all trades. You’ll never hear the excuse, “Well, that isn’t my job” from him. If it can be done, he’ll get it done. Just point him in a direction, and pull the trigger.” – Alex Eakins, Technology Program Developer

“Prospect employers take note…In terms of organizational training and eLearning, Johnathan is the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Johnathan 100% designed and deployed an industry’s best LMS platform, while working at SSC. He then went on to administer the LMS, created new content, constructed learning plans and was the primary presenter for customer demos. I regularly received personal messages from customers praising Johnathan for a successful LMS implementation or issues resolved. Johnathan Clayborn is simply the best talent in the eLearning and training space.” – James Burwell, VP of Product Development

“Johnathan is a person who shows great passion in his work. He is thorough and is a great listener. He delivers high quality. He is a strong team player and has demonstrated great leadership skills. He would be a true asset to any company that is lucky to have him” – Tami Martinez, PHR, Director of HR

“Johnathan is an expert at e-learning development. As a training developer, his focus is on the advancement of the students knowledge base. He does this by managing the learning platforms appropriately, the development as well as the logical organization of the training materials always with an eye on the students learning experience. Johnathan is very good at resolving technical issues with different e- learning platforms and has an advanced understanding of the psychology of learning to make for a rewarding learning experience.” – JP Harrison, Technical Writer

“Problem Solver, teacher and leader. Johnathan will be a great addition to any team!” – Will Ness, Sales Manager

“Johnathan was a pleasure to work with, he is ambitious and always willing to help others. While working at Safety Services he was tasked with making updates to our training products, he did this in a timely manner and always with accurate information.” – Kama Marsh, Safety Advisor

“We didn’t work together for very long but I got to know Johnathan pretty well. I have tremendous respect for him because of the simple way he is able to take a complex problem and break it into smaller, bite-sized pieces. Johnathan is a problem solver and a natural-born teacher and leader. If anyone was meant to be in adult learning, it’s him. I found him to be passionate about his field and compassionate when it comes to learners. In addition to that, he is a pleasure to work with and is always willing to listen. If you want someone who will work tirelessly for a solution and has empathy for those around him, whether it’s the people he’s teaching or a coworker, Johnathan is your guy.” – Wendy Schorr, Instructional Designer

“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Johnathan on many special projects. Not only was he precise and an excellent worker, but also always to go beyond what was before him. He was a team member who had a willingness to work with everyone and to be open to new ideas from others. His skill sets are exceptional, and he is awesome to work with. I highly recommend him in all capacities and capabilities.” – Tim Wright, Technical Writer

“Johnathan is able to learn very quickly and resolve multiple very complex issues simultaneously. Maintained very positive and productive working relationships with numerous internal customers. Proficient in Microsoft Enterprise Solutions, Share Point Designer and Adobe software suites. Superb HTML and CSS coder.” – Vas Brodsky, Project Manager

“Johnathan is a brilliant teacher whose command of the classroom is simply a natural function of his personality. Although he was responsible for conveying complex material (at the time, Windows Vista was a brand new operating system and he was training Dell Tech Support agents to support it), he made it simple enough for students at any level to understand. I would definitely recommend Johnathan for any role, particularly any involving training of any kind.” – Aaron Gochee, Systems Engineer

“Johnathan acted as a trainer were we worked. He was very good business oriented and always had the best interest of the company as well as its employees in mind!” – Gary Eddings, IT Administrator

“Of the instructors at eTelecare/Stream Global, Johnathan was simply the best. His skill and passion for instructing the material, no matter how dull or boring, lead the class to perform well. When they tried to move him to start another class, I petitioned the management to bring him back. Johnathan has great leadership skills and knowledge, the drive to do his very best, willingness to further educate himself, and a personality that works well with teams.” – George Gibson, Systems Engineer

“I worked alongside Johnathan to develop and deliver mission critical training, in preparation for the release of the client’s new CRM database, to 70 computer tech support reps and their six team-leaders. Johnathan’s professionalism and leadership were paramount to the resounding success of that roll-out. Throughout the program, his dedication and mentoring skills inspired me to excel in my newly acquired position of Associate-Trainer.” – Toby Fowler, IT Support Professional

“I highly recommend Mr. Clayborn because of his professionalism, his knowledge of everything, his personality and his wits. if you ever end up on a game show and need the answer, Mr. Clayborn would be my choice, he is by far the smartest person I know.” – Gerald Celestine, President, CTS Group

“Johnathan was my trainer for a Dell project that I worked on previously. He was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful as a teacher. I learned a great deal from him, and he more than adequately prepared me for the environment I was being trained for.” – Sean Curtiss, IT Support