Officially the Invader Historical Foundation was formed on October 20th, 2017. Unofficially, I’ve been working on researching these planes on and off for several years. I’ve merely hit a point where I’ve exhausted every nook and cranny and I’m hoping that public interest and “crowd-sourcing” can fill in the rest of the gaps.

My hope is that the Invader Historical Foundation becomes this definitive Invader reference anywhere in the world. I already have more information than the largest invader websites around (it’s just a matter of converting all of that information over to the web).

I am interested in learning and recording as much as possible about all 2,503 Invaders that Douglas manufactured. I know what happened to most of them, but there are a few gaps in my notes. I’d also like to try to collect a picture of every single Invader ever made. At least one photo. I know that it might be an impossible task, but I’d like to try. I already have amassed a database of 427 unique planes identifiable by serial number. I’m sure that there are more photos out there.

I’d like to collect information about the flight crew for these birds as well. What happened to them? I have a pretty complete list of KIA crewmen. I have some information about MIA, but I’m missing a lot of information about what happened post-mission or if they were ever found. What about the survivors of the wars?

Of particular interest to me is the 13th Bombardment Squadron, 3rd Bombardment Group – The Grim Reapers. I’m very interested in that unit. But, I am interested in all units that flew the Invaders.

If you have information about these planes, the men who flew them, or the missions they went on, please feel free to contact me and let me know. (InvaderHistoricalFoundation @