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Class: Heyerdahl Class Colony Ship
Namesake: Thor Heyerdahl
Laid Down: Jan 5, 2061
Launched: Mar 2, 2062
ID Number: TCS-MC-01
Home Port: Moss Orbital
Status: Museum
Type: Colony Ship
Mass: XX,XXXX Tons
Length: 280 m
Beam: xx m
Height: xx m
Speed: 249,827.05 m/s
Powerplant: Walters Atomic C-17
Propulsion: 3x Carroll Motors CM-X15
Range: 750,000,000 KM
Crew: 10
Passengers: 498
Sensors: FazeWare A-11 Suite
Armament: None
Small Craft: None

The TCS-Heyerdahl was the lead ship of the Heyerdahl Class. It was named after the Swedish explorer, Thor Heyerdahl, who sailed the oceans of the Earth in replicas of primitive ships; rafts and reed boats, simply to prove that it could be done.

Operational History

The TCS-Heyerdahl was laid down on January 5, 2061 in Moss Yards One orbital dockyard. The ship was launched on March 2, 2062 and underwent a week of shakedown before entering service. The first trip from Earth to Luna occurred on March 10, 2062. Despite being the first of the class, the Heyerdahl operated flawlessly. She completed her last trip to Luna on November 17, 2066. The ship was placed in a high, stable orbit around the moon and turned into a floating museum.


Captain Jessica J. Collins commanded the Heyerdahl from its commissioning until it was retired. She gained much experience in this role, completing more Earth-Luna sorties than any other Heyerdahl captain. During her tenure as captain the ship successfully completed 95 sorties to Luna without incident. She was meritoriously promoted upon the retirement of her ship.

Notable Actions

The Heyerdahl was instrumental in bringing colonists from Earth to the Moon Base during it's time in active service. The ship made 90 successful trips between Earth and Luna during it's active period, roughly equating to one trip every 19 days nonstop for a little over four years.