Work began on the Starsong Chronicles in 2009. The original story that spawned the universe was based on a fragment of a dream. I started writing that into a story and drafting it into a book. I got about 30,000 words into the draft but I stopped. I found myself constantly asking “why is this happening?” and then I would come up with an answer. But then I would ask, “but why is that happening?” and so on. Before too long I had more than 2,000 years of history written. So I put the story on pause and went back to the beginning.

I spent 8 years doing research on the science of my universe, making 3D starmaps, making planetary maps, fleshing out the timeline and otherwise building the world that the stories inhabit. The Starsong Universe is our universe – it takes place in the Milky Way Galaxy. And the main settings are based on real places. You can see the Hyades Cluster with your naked eye (it’s in the constellation Taurus).

Now that all of the groundwork has been laid, and all of the books have been outlined, I’ve turned my attention to writing.

Currently there are two primary story arcs. The first arc, The Exodus Arc, spans 2,000 years and follows a specific family as they settle the Hyades Cluster. There are 7 books planned for this arc.

The other arc, The Fracture Arc, spans only a couple of years during the beginning of the Exodus Arc. It takes place in the star systems in our stellar neighborhood. There are currently 10 books planned for this arc.

There are a couple of stand-alone books, a short-story anthology, and a few interactive fiction books planned as well.