White Papers & Informal Studies
2017 International BackYard Chicken Farmer Survey (results pending)

Published Peer- Reviewed Research
“A Stastistical Analysis of Violent Video Games as related to Violent Crime in the United States” – Johnathan J. Clayborn, MS & Benjamin Garrison. Journal of Societal and Cultural Research. July 2015. 1-2: 86-101

“Effects of School Calendar on Local Crimes Rates in Glendale, AZ” – Johnathan J. Clayborn, MS. Journal of Societal and Cultural Research. March 2015. 1-1:26-44

Ongoing Research
The Impact of Year-Round Education Calendar on Local Crime: Repeatability with co-variate correlations – J.Clayborn

Evaluating Crime Rate Changes in Countries With Gun Bans in Effect – J.Clayborn & J.Clayborn

A Comprehensive Examination of the Dangers of Vaccination – J.Clayborn, G.Bullock, R.Rees,

Efficacy of learning a systematic model of thinking through literature

Social Media and Aesthetics (a 3-part study)

And many more…