Clayborn Research Group was founded in May of 2014 by Johnathan J. Clayborn. His love of science and his deep curiosity fostered a highly inquisitive, analytical outlook. Education was able to provide him with tools to begin to answer some of the questions he had, but he craved more answers, which led to more questions. Frustrated at the lack of support from his school in doing research projects “for fun” that weren’t part of his coursework, Johnathan began collaborating with our independent researchers and Clayborn Research Group was born.

Today there are currently about a dozen researchers and research assistants who are members of Clayborn Research Group. We are always looking for new projects, new ideas, and new people to join us.


Our Mission

Clayborn Research Group is dedicated to performing high-quality academic, business, and scientific research. The integrity of our research is of the utmost importance. The primary motivation for doing the research is the simple pursuit of truth.