Question of the Day: The Andre Polk Memorial Anthology

Published Date: April 13, 2018

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338 Pages


A collection of 22 science-fiction short stories and poems from up-and-coming sci-fi authors who pay tribute to an aspiring writer and friend who was taken from this world before his time.

Authors included in this collection (listed alphabetically):
Drew A. Avera, L. A. Behm II, Sean P. Chatterton, J. J. Clayborn, Cheryce Clayton, Nathanial W. Cook, Chad Dickhaut, T. L. Evans, Thomas A. Farmer, Bryan S. Glosemeyer, Josh Hayes, Cheryl S. Mackey, R. A. McCandless,
Scott McGlasson, B. J. Muntain, J. Edwin Phillips, G. Michael Rapp, Richard Romero, M. D. Thalmann, Jeffrey Yorio, Jo Zebedee

100% of the sales of this book are donated to Andre’s Estate.

Author Bio

Andre Polk was an amazing human being and an aspiring science fiction author. He joined the Space Opera: Writers community on Facebook and pushed the group as a whole a with his Question of the Day. In 2017, Andre passed away unexpectedly from complications from Sickle Cell.

Clayborn Press and the authors of Space Opera: Writers put this anthology together in Andre’s memory and attributed him the authorship credit posthumously as our way of saying goodbye. We felt it a grave injustice that such a talented, energetic person would be robbed from the world before completing their novel.