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Lost and Stranded

Published Date: April 14, 2018

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Roger Daly spent his entire life trying to create an artifical wormhole that could transport humankind to distant planets. He finally succeeds and takes his test ship through the wormhole and disappears without a trace. Officially, NASA says that Roger was killed in an explosion, but Roger’s son Bill doesn’t believe that story and starts asking the wrong questions to the wrong people. As Bill runs for his life he meets a stranger who tells him that his father is alive…somewhere.

Roger survives his trip through the wormhole. But he had crashed on an alien planet – lost and stranded – with no hope of getting home. In his quest for survival he encounters strange travellers who lead him to something quite unexpected – a human civilization. Before he knows what’s happening, Roger is thrust into the middle of an epic battle for supremacy.

Can Bill save Roger and bring him home before it’s too late?

Author Bio

Dave Henry is the author of the science fiction adventure Lost and Stranded about a man who is stranded on an unknown planet after going through a wormhole. He’s also the author of the alternate universe comedy Turtle Island.