Celine Mariotti

Celine Mariotti

Born in Derby, CT, and a lifelong resident of Shelton, CT.  Celine is a graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT where she majored in Business Administration with a minor in English.  Since a child, she always loved to write and when she was a senior in High School she began sending her work to publishers.  Her first poem appeared in Night Roses in 1991, and her second poem appeared in Green’s Magazine of Canada in 1991.  Since then her work has appeared in many literary magazines around the USA and even in India, Australia, England, and Scotland.  Early Bird Publications of India published a primary textbook of essays on the Presidents.

Celine has previously published several other books prior to her work with Clayborn Press. Some of her previous books include two children’s books: Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?, an ebook called Leapy the Frog, The Ghost of Captain McGurvy, and I Have a Friend on Jupiter.

Celine has also written several poetry books: Through Celine’s Eyes, Words of Inspiration, and her newest poetry book, Red, White, and Blue. Her poetry has appeared in the following magazines:  Magnolia Quarterly, Poetic Monthly, Tombigbee, Hindu Young World of India, Freexpressions of Australia, The Children’s Magazine of India, Story Mondo of Australia, Storyteller Magazine, Poetsespresso, Lone Stars Magazine, Bell’s Letters Poet, Coffee Ground Breakfast, Northern Stars Magazine, Stars Poet, Pablo Lennis,Pink Chameleon, Creative Inspirations, Bear Haiku FrostFire World, Atlantean Publishing of England,  Poetry Explosions Newsletter,Tigershark Publishing of England, Quantum Leap of Scotland, Congruent Spaces, OMDB (Over  My Dead Body-mystery online magazine and many more.

She also ha a nonfiction book called What Corporate America is Really All About.

Her other fiction books include: Adventures on Capitol Hill-The Kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompson, Adventures on Capitol Hill-The Murder of Secretary Judd Cane, Minister’s Shoes, and Minister’s Corporate Escapades.

Her young adult books, “I’m Too Young to be President” and “Alexander, My Angel” are available through Clayborn Press.

A long-time fan of Tom Jones, on more than occasion, he read one of her poems out loud to an audience in Atlantic City and also in Las Vegas.  She also plays the guitar and the banjo.   She has her own home business, CRM EnterprisesC. Celine loves to watch soap operas and she loves Las Vegas. She resides with her family in Shelton, CT.

You can find Celine on her web site:  http://crmenterprises-homebusiness.com.

Books by Celine Mariotti:

I’m Too Young to be President