How long does it take to earn a black belt?
A typical student with no prior martial arts experience will usually progress like this:
Year 1: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Yellow-Orange Belt
Year 2: Orange Belt, Orange-Green Belt, Green Belt
Year 3: Green-Blue Belt, Blue Belt, Blue-Red Belt
Year 4: Red Belt, Red-Black Belt (x2 semesters)
Year 5: Black Belt
Note that some students with previous martial arts experience can sometimes shave 1 year off of this time by testing in to a higher belt.
Some students do not pass the belt test the first time around and have to repeat a semester, which may lengthen their time.

Is there a minimum age requirement to get a black belt?
Yes. Students must be at least 16 years old in order to be eligble to test for black bet. Black belt practitioners are ambassadors of our style and our school. Younger children generally do not have the maturity to bear this responsibility. Furthermore, we don’t have a separate “youth program”. Our students are all mixed together. Students taking the black belt test will be facing off with adults as part of their testing process and are expected to be able to hold their own against them.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No. New students can attend 3 classes for free with no obligation. After that you should have an idea of whether or not this style is for you.

Do I have to come to every single class or do make-up classes for the ones I missed?
No. We realize that things come up. We expect that if you are not going to make it to a class that you simply give us a heads up. We also expect that you do not miss too many classes, however, ultimately this impacts you. Missing more than 25% of the semester will generally disqualify you from belt testing.

What kind of uniform do you wear?
Our main uniform is black martial arts pants and a red t-shirt. The instructors will sometimes wear a full black martial arts gi at special events.

What ages do you teach? How early can I start my child?
We have students as young as 5. Classes can be challenging for them to remember the techniques at that age, especially if they have no one to practice with. However, if they are there with older siblings they are usually happy to be participating.

What if my whole family wants to come to class?
No problem. We offer a family discount. A family discount maxes out at 3 people so if you have 4 kids and an adult who want to come to class, you will only pay for 3 people. Note that family discounts only apply to nuclear families and/or families living at the same address.