The Bushi Natahn Academy is the founding school of the Bushi Natahn style of martial arts. This style differs in many ways from some of the competitive “sport” martial arts. One of the biggest differences is that this style emphasizes practicality of technique over showmanship. We also believe in inflicting as little harm as possible on our attackers. We realize that this philosophy of “less harm” doesn’t suit everyone, and that’s okay, there are plenty of other styles that you can study.

In addition to doing “less harm” as a general philosophy, we also promote character development and growth as an individual. Our name, Bushi Natahan, means “The Giving Warrior” and members who are eligble to participate for Black Belt testing must perform community service or charity work before being permitted to test.

Another thing that sets up apart from many schools is our price and general outlook on martial arts. Yes, we are a business, but we genuinely are not in this business to make money. We are not a “McDojo”. Our classes are inexpensive because we feel very strongly that self-defense is a skill that everyone should know. We want to make it affordable to everyone. However, we also just do not hand out belts simply because you come to class and take the test. You cannot buy a belt from us – you must earn it. If you fail a belt test, you will earn a stripe on the belt you currently have and you will repeat the semester. This philosophy turns some people off to our school, and that’s okay too. Our instructors firmly believe in not promoting people until they are really ready. The only way to get a belt is to earn it.