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Spectral Class: F5V
Stage: Main Sequence
Galactic Coord: -144.931, 6.768, -50.516
Mass: 1.425 Sol
Radius: 1.3276 Sol
Luminosity: 3.4542 Sol
Temperature: ~6,900 K
HZ Start: 1.304 AU
HZ End: 3.013 AU
Other Names:

HD 28483
HIP 21008
TYC 1273-583-1

Taelena (Tay-leen-ah) is a star located within the Hyades Cluster. It was a target star for the Exodus Event of 2371. Taelena is a bright, F Type main sequence star.

Physical Properties

Taelena is an Bright White main sequence star (F5 V). It is estimated to be 625 Million years old and is a fairly young star with an expected life cycle of several billion years. This makes it a prime candidate for a human colony. The habitable world is currently towards the inner edge of the star's habitable zone. As the star ages and cools, the habitable zone will shrink. But, the planet is expected to remain in the habitable zone for a very long time, a few hundred million years at least.

System Overview

Taelena is very far from Sol. It was settled initially by an Exodus Ark Ship, the EAS-Chance. The journey to the system took the colonists 300 years. They departed Earth in 2371 and arrived in the system in 2671.

As a planetary system, this system is not very exciting. Close to the star is a trio of hot, inhospitable rocky worlds. After that, a pair of gas giants, an asteroid belt, the colony world, and then another gas giant. The system is largely flat, suggesting evolution from a protoplanetary disk. The most peculiar feature of the system is the asteroid belt, which has a high orbital eccentricity. Given its close passage to Kellinin, the colony world, there are several months where the planet is prone to meteor strike.

System Bodies

  • Demochre
  • Agrahv
  • Ipendenum
  • Beber
  • Phobon
  • Hitox Belt
  • Kellinin
  • Auduvice


Physical characteristics for the star are based on data from the VizieR database, and several scientific papers on the membership and spectrometry of the Hyades Cluster, listed on the Hyades Cluster article references.