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Ship Details

  • Registration ID: TCS-MC-02
  • Class: Heyerdahl Class Colony Ship
  • Manufacturer: Moss Corporation
  • Laid Down: 2061, Moss Yards Two, Earth Orbit
  • Entered Service: 2062
  • Fate: Destroyed by debris collision in Earth Orbit, March 3rd, 2062


  • Captain Morgan Hadley
  • First Officer Steven L Howard
  • Navigation Officer Jeana M Arcuri
  • Communications Officer Charles J Molina
  • Engineering Officer Ronald P. Harmon
  • Medical Officer Dr. John A Case
  • Quartermaster Kayla R Rodriguez
  • Medical Assistant Anastasia Shaw
  • Security Officer Lester J Holder
  • Deckhand Alberto M Clark


  • This ship was the second ship of its class. It was named after the explorer, Captain James Cook, an English Naval Captain who is arguably most famous for being the first European captain to land at Australia and Hawaii.
  • During the shakedown cruise the ship was destroyed in Earth Orbit after it was struck by a large piece of debris from nearby Moss Yards One dockyards. The crew managed to escape without incident, but it forced Moss Corporation to fully realize the design flaws and set about correcting them immediately.

Featured In:

  • Short Story: "TCS-Cook" (2017)