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About the Starsong Chronicles

The Starsong Chronicles is a science fiction book series by author Johnathan "JJ" Clayborn. Work on the series began in 2006 and continues today. The series spans more than 2,000 years of fictional history. The Starsong Universe is based on the Milky Way Galaxy and contains more than 50 developed planetary star systems. The series is very internally consistent and the author uses a private version of a Wiki file to help keep things organized. The files in this wiki are cultivated from the author's private Wiki and have been released by the author for public reading. The author's wiki is far more extensive, but this wiki will have the least amount of spoilers contained within it.

Be warned: this wiki may contain some minor spoilers if you have not read the books, but the information here will be limited to only the books that have already been released, or their back story. The author has developed a lot of information for this universe, but not all of it has been addressed in the books.

As this material comes directly from the author, this information should be considered as a Primary Canon source for this universe.

All material in this wiki is © Johnathan J. Clayborn, 2006-2017.

THIS WIKI IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. Thank you for your patience.