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Spectral Class: K0 III
Stage: Giant
Galactic Coord: -137.756, 5.783, -49.976
Mass: 2.7 Sol
Radius: 12.692 Sol
Luminosity: 32.3425 Sol
Temperature: ~4,500 K
HZ Start: 10 AU
HZ End: 25.5 AU
Other Names: Ain

Epsilon Tauri
HIP 20889
HD 28305
74 Tau
Oculus Boreus
HR 1409
SAO 93954

Coronis (cor-own-is) is a star located within the Hyades Cluster. It was a target star for the Exodus Event of 2371. Coronis Type III Giant Star, similar to Arcturus, Antares, Pollux, and Betelgeuse.

Physical Properties

Coronis is an Orange Giant (K0 III). It is 625 Million Years Old and is nearing the end of it's life cycle in a few million years. It is claimed to be the heaviest among planet-harboring stars with reliable initial masses. Given its large mass, this star, though presently of spectral type K0 III, was formerly of spectral type A that has now evolved off the main sequence into the giant phase. It is regarded as a red clump giant; that is, a core-helium burning star.

System Overview

Coronis is very far from Sol. It was settled initially by an Exodus Ark Ship, the EAS-Destiny. The journey to the system took the colonists 300 years. They departed Earth in 2371 and arrived in the system in 2671.

As a planetary system, this system is more non-descript than Sol. There is not much variability in the orbital inclination of the planets suggesting that all of the planets in this system were formed from the protoplanetary disk.

The outer planets orbit with some low eccentricity. There is a debris ring between the gas giants Serdi and Sundi. The close orbit of these two planets prevented the formation of the other planet. Fortunately, these planets act as shepherds and usually keep the asteroids in this belt in place.

With regards to the inner planets, Avaenon is the outer-most inner planet. At some point during the system's history another planet collided with Aenentort. Aenentort survived this impact, but it's orbit became eccentric. The other planet was destroyed and its remnants became the Avaentort Belt. As a result of the orbital change of Aenentort, Avaenon's orbit was slowly changed to be more inclined. Although Avaenon is still on a roughly spherical orbit, once a year it passes through the Avaentort belt and bright meteors fill the sky. Sometimes larger rocks impact the surface, as crater scars on the planet attest.

System Bodies

  • Hamaz
  • Akuta
  • Amateru
  • Pah
  • Usteil
  • Aenentort
  • Avaentort Belt
  • Avaenon
  • Sundi
  • Serdi-Sundi Belt
  • Serdi
  • Caerin

Coronis System.png
Coronis Orbits.png


Physical characteristics for the star are based on actual data from Epsilon Tauri and filled in with data based on other K0III class stars. Habitability zone for Coronis based on OmiCrB, another K0III star (, as well as HZ zone calculators ( and Universe Sandbox. Based on this aggregate data, 10.82AU, at the inner edge of the HZ is viable for Avaenon's Orbit.